Pneumatic Cylinders

Our range of  Pneumatic Cylinders consist of, Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinders, Single Acting Pneumatic Cylinders, Long Stroke, ISO 15552 & ISO 6432 and are of a superior quality in both design, style and reliability.

These Cylinders are often known as Air Cylinders. Cylinders are a vital part of any Pneumatic System.

These mechanical devices are powered by compressed gas in order to create a linear, back and forth or up and down motion, in order to move an object.

Pneumatics, Hydraulics & Electronics are ever more interconnected within Integrated systems which use a combination of all three technologies.

It is becoming ever more familiar to come across pneumatic components on a machine that is primarily hydraulics or vise versa.

Therefore, here at Hydraulic Megastore we understand the importance of keeping on top of new technologies and how these technologies can interconnect with each other effectively.

Pneumatic cylinders are particularly popular in environments where cleanliness is a high requirement such as Food Manufacturing & Pharmaceutical industries because the only potential leakage is air. This air is thrust back into the atmosphere, opposed to oil used in Hydraulic Systems which could drip and cause contamination.

Pneumatic systems tend to require less space because they don’t require large fluid storage areas.

However, Pneumatic systems are not as  powerful in the sense of lifting extremely heavy objects and therefore are more commonly used for traction or other more delicate production processes, though can still pack a punch.
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