A piping system to rely on.

Transair from Parker is the original modular pipework system. With over 20 years of industry experience, it has become the go to brand for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas piping systems.

Diameters ranging from ½” (16.5 mm) to 6″ (168 mm) and the extensive range of accessories, means the Transair meets the requirements of numerous industrial and garage workshop installations.

Why use Transair?

Easy to install – It’s lightweight and easy to position which makes it quick to install. This means less production downtime and a lower installation cost

• Modular and reusable – customise it to your needs, it’s easy to add to your system or if you move your pipework can too

Easy network identification – Blue, compressed air – Green, inert gas – Grey, vacuum.

Leak free – Transair use their unique sealing technology to produce leak free connectors – push fit up to 40mm. This prevents air loss and wasted energy.

Best for flow – Full bore fittings minimise pressure drop for optimal flow and efficiency

High quality air – Better pipework means better quality of air – protecting downstream equipment and manufacturing processes and providing a safer working environment.

Little to no maintenance – No leaks, no rust

Lowest total cost of ownership – If you think about a black iron or galvanised system, they are heavy, difficult to install, require specialised equipment, you can’t reuse them, they are hard to modify and susceptible to corrosion and leaks. Transair smooth bore piping systems are what you need to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership for your pipework system.