Pneumatic Valves, Mounts & Accessories

Pneumatic valves are special components responsible for controlling direction, pressure, rate and the amount of air passing through various sections of a pneumatic system.

Our valves are of the highest quality in both performance and design. We also have completely stainless steel options for the ultimate durability.

There are many different types and variations of Pneumatic Valve though common terms include, directional control valves, solenoid valves, electrically operated valves & pneumatically operated valves.

Each of these types of valve have numerous variations. The two main variations are either 2-Way,  3 Way Valves or 5 Way valves.

Once you have decided whether you require an electrically operated or pneumatically operated valve either 2-Way, 3-Way or 5-Way, you have the choice of Centres Normally Closed, Centres Normally Open, Pressurised Centres or various Solenoid options.

For example, you may opt for Solenoid/Solenoid which means a solenoid both ends or Solenoid/Spring which consists of a single solenoid on one side. You also have the choice of adding an External Air Pilot option.

We also stock all associated products including coils, brackets, solenoid connectors, manifolds, sub bases and more!
There are many more variations that we haven’t yet uploaded to our website, therefore if you cannot find what you are looking for or are unsure on the best option for the job, please feel free to call our experienced and friendly team on +44 (0) 1472 255928