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Push In Fittings from Hydraulic Megastore

Push In Fittings are prominent in the Pneumatic industry and are designed to easily piece together without the requirement of tools and lots of tightening. They are used for connecting nylon and polyurethane tubes for the transfer of high pressured air through a Pneumatic system. They are designed in a way where you can easily piece together a system with speed and  precision, though without all the hard work.

Our Push In Fittings are made form Nickel Plated Brass and are of a superior quality with long lasting durability and also come with reduced dimensions and new collet & release collar.

Available in various configurations, indlucing Studs, Elbows, T connectors & Y connectors and with threads, Gas pre-tefloned taper (BSPT) and Gas parallel (BSP) with sealing O Ring.

The stud threaded versions are standard with external and internal hexagonal keys for mounting in narrow places.

Did you know we also stock, pneumatic cylinders, rotary cylinders, air reservoirs, pneumatic valves and all the compatible brackets for each element of your system. Build your complete system, easily today!

If you require any help in selecting the right fittings and/or components for the job, please feel free to contact a experience and friendly team today on 01472  255928

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