Master PUR L Trivolution Suction / Transport Hose

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Product description Master PUR L Trivolution Suction Hose Material spiral: spring steel wire wall: pure polyester polyurethane (acc. to DIN ISO 4649 more abrasion-resistant in comparison to polyether polyurethane) wall thickness between spirals approx. 0.7 mm Applications •suction/extraction of paper and textile fibres •granulate transport hose •transport of fine-grained particles, such as dust and powder •suction & transport hose for abrasive solids, liquids and gases •protective hose against mechanical wear •oil mist extraction/suction Available on request •available on request in other lengths, sizes . Properties •hardly inflammable acc. to DIN 4102 B1 •microbe-resistant •permanently antistatic, surface resistance < 109 Ohm •approved acc. to TRGS 727 and ATEX 2014/34 EU. Details acc. to certificate •very good flexibility •light •halogen and plasticizer-free •smallest bending radii •optimum flow characteristics •highly abrasion-resistant •good resistance to chemicals, oil and fuel •high tensile strength •generally good UV and ozone resistance •acc. to DIN 26057 type II Temperature Range •-40°C to +90°C •peaks to +125°C