Fox K9 Series Pressure Switches - With ATEX Version

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Product description

Fox K9 Series Pressure Switches

K5 Series adjustable pressure switches activate a microswitch once the preset value is reached. The pressure is set by rotating a graduated knob as seen in the picture. This system is supplied with a device that locks the pressure setting knob once the desired value is set. Mechanical stops protect both the spring and the microswitch from over pressurisation. Technical Features: Body: 32 mm hexagonal in zinc-plated carbon steel Metal Ring: Ø 40 mm in anodised aluminim Assembly: in every position Working temperature: from -20°C to +80°C Switching frequency: 120 cycles/min Operating point: adjustable through an external metal ring Switching accuracy: ±2% of E.o.S to 20°C Fixed Hysteresis: ~ 15% of E.o.S to 20°C Weight: 0.4kg Mechanical life: 106 Cycles at 70 bar (1000 psi) at 20°C Electrical Features Maximum load: 5 Ampere at 250 Volt AC 0.25 Ampere at 125 Volt DC ATEX versions of this pressure switch are not a standard stock item and are on a long delivery service, please contact us to confirm delivery times before ordering.

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